Hi guys!!! Thanx for watching!!!! Pls comment and subscribe!! Xoxoooo Becky.

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  1. ShopaholicBecky83

    You made the right choice, the Cles is a perfect bag charm and i always use them on my LV bags 😉

  2. Helene Peloquin

    Congrats on your new LV pieces. I just bought the Clé in mono last wk to use as bag charm for my Delightful 🙂

  3. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank you so much my dear!!!;)

  4. ddgladiva

    Such a great haul. I love everything you bought

  5. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank you very much!!!! Xoxo;)))

  6. mary draper

    Great haul!

  7. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank you MsBlueMaude!!!! I’m really living the Emilie, i’ll surely buy it also in monogram because it’s compact, thin, classy and feminine! Thanks so much for watching!!! Xoxo 😉

  8. ShopaholicBecky83

    Yeah the Emilie is really amazing, the perfect wallet… i absolutely want it also in momogram with green interior! Lovely! And i nave to say that iPad mini is a real addiction, i read magazines, books, listen to music all in one compact piece… amazing!!!! Xoxo 😉

  9. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank you very much Malena!! Glad to share my stuff with all of u lovely guys!!!! Xoxo;))

  10. ShopaholicBecky83

    Hi lovely!!! Thanx so much i love it too, it is a great little magical item, i always bring it in my purse! Xoxo ;)))

  11. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank you very much sweetie!!! Glad u liked it!!! ;))) xoxo

  12. ShopaholicBecky83

    Sistaaaa i’m a bad girl! I spend and spend and spend!! Ahahah! I miss so much your vids! And i’d love if u make some vlog on your holiday!!!!xoxo ;)))

  13. ShopaholicBecky83

    Thank u very much ;)))))

  14. ShopaholicBecky83

    Ciao bella!!;))) si l’ipad mini lo sto amando tantissimo, e iTunes è una tentazione continua!!!! Il blush che indosso è il Bella Bamba di Benefit, te lo consiglio è un bel rosa leggermente shimmer molto naturale! Anche tu hai provato i lip pen di Collistar? Sono fantastici hai visto che colori favolosi?? E anche il lip gloss di Loreal mi piace moltissimo, da quando l’ho visto nel tuo video sono andata subito a comprarlo ahahah! Baci;))))

  15. MsBlueMaude

    Nice haul! I have the same wallet, same print, love it! Let us know how u end up liking it 😉 thanks for sharing !

  16. ShopaholicBecky83

    Awwww thank u so much!!! And thanx for watching! Xoxo;)

  17. emanuelgo55

    You are gorgeous 🙂 loved your haul!

  18. NastasiaM53

    Juhuuu, ti sei presa anche il lipgloss di Loreal, troppo bella Xoxo :))

  19. NastasiaM53

    Ho gli stessi lipstic/lip-pen haha :)))

  20. NastasiaM53

    Juhuuuu finalmente un nuovo video :))))) ho anch’io l’iPad mini e lo adoro!!!!! Hai acquistato bellissime cose, complimento. Mi piace il tuo blush che hai adosso…

  21. Ros Ina

    Love your haul!!!!

  22. MissExpensivePink

    Great haul sista!!!!!! Omg I love EVERYTHING you got!!!!!!!!! xoxo, Lara.

  23. Whatuseeiswhatuget43

    Great video my lovey x

  24. MSpanders10

    Love your haul, congratulation on your ipad mini.

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