How to Fix iPod Touch 2G/3G Screen/Digitizer for Under $30

A tutorial on how to fix the iPod Touch 2G/3G screen and digitizer for less than . Screen/Digitizer/Frame

[youtube sHI_iXivDUs]

ipod 5

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  1. oxnard420:

    u didnt show as u snaped it in u just showed it already on and acted like you were snaping it in snaping it in is hard i broke my new screen u were no help thx for nothing moving on to next video

  2. ihya' Ulumuddin:

    it’s not fixing, it’s replacing

  3. Drilon Zeka:

    you forgot the home button lol

  4. 宝くじ当選しました お譲りします:


  5. an0n0musx:

    Wow u suck at fixing iPods lol.. what a douche. And no this doesn’t work for 4th gen

  6. slappy joe:

    dose it work with ipod touch 4th gen 

  7. eduardo fuentes:

    Does this work with the one with the camera in front

  8. WorldsPlayground:

    i do repairs wwwifixyourapplecom i have mail in service

  9. kevin Quirarte:

    on my ipod touch i have kinda of a scratch on my lcdso i dont know what it means

  10. zackery1167:

    0:18 you see the crack on the digitizer

  11. dgm cad:

    Hi, have you considered this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (do a google search). My coworker says it makes people oodles of income.

  12. Daniel Egerev:

    Yes, you can take off the home button from the previous screen and you should take off the frame too(if it’s not broken). Oh, and btw you have to take off the orange flex cable and stick it to the frame like it was before so the home button would work.

  13. ZekromMaster99:

    I need the frame or silver machinery

    Read the one Below First( I ran out of charachters)

  14. ZekromMaster99:

    Hello, I bought a screen + digitizer off of ebay for 10 bucks. It came in with tools and the screen I took off my old cracked screen fine, but then I realized That The new screen + digitizer had no home button aswell as frame I guess you could say. (My old one had plastic around the sides this one doesn’t) Now I don»t care about the frame but it is missing the home button/ machinery to do with the home button on back is their anyway to take off the home button from the previous screen and do

  15. uberslayer14k:

    i think im just gonna get a professional to do it i have had my 2nd gen ipod for a long time and i wouldn’t fill the same having a 4th gen just not the same i dont know why

  16. Jonny Walker 447:

    ebay for under 13 bucks