Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Gameplay Walkthrough — PART 43 (Lets Play) (Playthrough)23 комментария


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23 комментария

  1. ryuseionigiri


  2. LBoogie2411

    Them titties and !thaaaaat aaaassssss!

  3. wahe haroetoenjan

    hahahhaaha first cometator without headset HAhahah wat a fuck

  4. DeadPixelShow

    That’s quite the secret place!

  5. Superfluous521

    looks like an agent from the matrix lololol

  6. Joseph Phlegar

    That ass though that assssss

  7. shawnshawn426

    Hey Chase you can also use those car modification places as pay N sprays, it costs a bit more though

  8. Nashon ForDaWin


  9. Will Shepherd

    don’t you still got that car you customized at grove st. in ur garage

  10. prussell1962

    If you download your games from the PlayStation store. When the ps4 comes out you can play the games you downloaded from the ps3 on the ps4.

  11. Roderick Thomas

    43 episodes in and you still ask that question…… shut ya nut ass up

  12. Im_Lightskinned

    Lmao why would you try to open a locked door twice?

  13. rjkidd11

    The robbery missions aren’t even required to move along in the game though.

  14. MrOhhhturtle

    That ass! LooL

  15. koolmustafa65

    that ass, chase you make me laugh 😀

  16. MrIcechill1

    lol that ass!

  17. Martez Card

    why not use cheat codes?

  18. Nate Nics

    Dude didn’t even go into the mechanic’s where he could’ve changed the colorn

  19. BIGREISS91

    CHASE READ THIS BRO — When the Yellow destination dots are triangles its informing you that point of interest is higher or lower then your current position, and when its a normal square/circle dot that means your on the same level with your object, when the triangle points up then the point of interest is higher in the air or on a higher level, when pointing down its below you or on a lower level.

  20. 2ToTheDome

    you couldve switched cars a long time ago my G, why u use the one wit popped tires..? u good tho.
    it seems like this game is gonna be longer than we thought
    oh btw..tht car the bullet is like the best car in the game, GET ONE

  21. Juan Martinez

    What about that gimp suit chase?

  22. Calthez Z

    Oh my goodness

  23. NWNCGLuv

    Are you serious by Yahoo! Answers.