Windows Phone 8 vs. Apple iPhone (iOS 6)

This is a short video that highlights the key difference between Apple’s iPhone and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. We recently switched from the iPhone 4G to t…

[youtube caYSx2u9VZU]

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комментариев 19

  1. Vincent Woodward:

    I will be getting a Nokia Lumia or a Windows Phone

  2. Mihkel Kikerpill:

    wp much better than ios or android

  3. carlos suarez:

    Windows 8 is superior system. Steve Jobs says that Microsoft is Pioneer and King in Software. A Android not named, has a long way yet, Samsung also leaves him. Windows 8 is compatible with almost everything. It has a clean design that makes it more pleasant,  more agile Windows I see when looking at things. Also displays all notifications without touching? anything. I see advantage in Windows, where the polished finish will be far superior to Apple.

  4. vignesh sivakumar:

    Whereas android released 4.3 and is goin to release android 5 in Jan 2014

  5. vignesh sivakumar:

    Well not exactly, but the Microsoft is as slow as a snail in giving updates if the os has no drawbacks in it then i wont complain about the updates but it has a hell a lot of drawbacks which has to be fixed,even my nokia c2 received 4 updates from 11.1 to 11.4 which was within 4 months from nokia but this phone was released in sep 12 and will receive an update only in Jan 2014 though it has 2 updates to come from nokia its from nokia and not Microsoft ao the conclusion is Microsoft is deadslow.

  6. dullahanable:

    «Ditched WP8 (no updates)», are you serious?

  7. dragonmasiker:

    Windows Phone 8 and 7 are not worth the time and money, just get a iPhone they work so much better that a Windows Phone. Iphones in the end will work better. I recommend you don’t get on of these CRAPPY windows phones if you are getting a new phone.

  8. beastboyP1:

    Windows isn’t shit get over it. Apple and android own the phone market. Simple a that

  9. kostas sls:

    yes it has. and is amazing on lockscreen

  10. littletwister:

    The windows phone does have a facebook app. 

  11. Derrick Thomas:

    I love iPhone its better

  12. Harry Britten:

    Haha he chucked iOS away pretty quickly

  13. Harry Britten:

    Windows phone had Internet sharing u can’t do that on an iphone

  14. philfeller2011:

    WP8 is the best os iOS can’t even touch it

  15. MrDJ1178:

    Ios is shit vote this comment up guys windows rockz 🙂

  16. Eetu juvankoski:

    Fuck youuuuu

  17. Gleph Niven:

    iPhone 4G? after that WTF were you trying to show? That you knew nothing about iOS? $10.00 says Microsoft dumps the whole phone attempt in 2 years.

  18. DaF1nalC0UNTDOWN:

    Windows phone is better

  19. vignesh sivakumar:

    I own lumia 920 and I would like to tell one thing the phone Hardware ROCKZZZ…… but the OS is the shittyest OS I have ever seen.
    1)I got 5 new very fucking problems in my phone which is not getting repaired even after hard reset
    2)videos cannot transfer using Bluetooth
    3)no close button for open apps
    4)no file sending allowed in Skype
    5)no music or videos can be downloaded using ie10 which is the basic requirement of a smartphone
    6)no radio
    7)Microsoft ditched wp8(no updates)

    +17 other prob