How To Install Apps On iPhone/iPod Touch Using Itunes

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  1. Bad Mr. Awesome:

    Thanks even works with ios 7!

  2. Kim payawal:

    it must be Jailbroken ?

  3. ChocoPieandCake:

    I subbed

  4. ChocoPieandCake:

    Thank you very Much!!!!!!

  5. drew loko:

    work on your English

  6. rometotalwarlozer:

    I was getting so angry.

  7. Victini 25:


  8. gen yan:

    mine does not work..its not installing either even if when i apply it. 🙁 what happen?? and what should i do?

  9. JamesDerekGames:


  10. B3ASTKILLA333:

    does ure ios device have to be on wifi

  11. rometotalwarlozer:

    Seconds before I was ready to punch my laptop screen I clicked on your video. Thank you for saving my computer screen.

  12. Para SASA:


  13. Treycie Ford:

    your my new friend thats the shit man thx