NEW Jailbreak 4.3.5 Firmware On All Devices (NOT VZN iPhone or iPad 2) July 201117 комментариев


I show you how to Jailbreak the newest 4.3.5 firmware on all devices except the iPad 2 and the Verizon iPhone. Downloads: 4.3.4 Firmware: iPhone 4 (AT&T): ht…

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  1. Cornel ilinca

    It’s work on 3g ios 4.2.1?|

  2. DeadProductions4

    okay i got the redsnow thing to download got it to my desktop downloaded the ipod 4g because that is what i have but once it finishes downloading i cant get it to open what do i do? plz reply. thanks

  3. lynn7898

    what if mine doesn’t say ‘ just reboot tethered right now D:?


    fuck all of u ya’ll fuck everything up for good people who actually pay, all of u need to be put in jail

  5. 2l8gr8

    i followed your instructions to upgrade my iphone 3gs from 4.1 to 4.3.5 and my phone has gone into restore mode help me out brother!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 2l8gr8

    my cell phone got into restore mode i tried doing it again n now while rebooting its continually showing please wait….


    a reply 6 months later… just wow.

  8. 2l8gr8

    after reboting it requested for itunes i opned itunes in pc wht shud i do now ;0

  9. Taron Muradov


  10. Tony Truong

    So when i’m trying to jailbreak my 4.3.5 iphone 4. when i click browse to select the IPSW i keep getting the «unable to recognize specified IPSW» msg and i use your link to dl the 4.3.4 firmware..

  11. Andrew Adolf

    I have a 6gb ipod will it still work, with any of these firmwares.

  12. Shane Sullivan

    @robo13 i have cydia on my iphone but it wont open after downloading winterboard what do i do?

  13. MsBabykillah

    how to download apps after jailbreak?

  14. Ludarub

    how can i get redsnow?

  15. kopytko1818

    i dont know why but my iphone dont wont finish second step stuck on piapple with cycling ring and when i reboot (wait to long) cydia still not working i try few times but stiil the same dont go more then pinaaple with ring what to do thx sory for my english

  16. Gopal Raj

    man can you help me in unlocking iphone 4 ios 4.3.5. 04.10.01, pls. without using GEVEY

  17. randomizer109

    thanks a million i jailbroke it works fine on ipod touch 4 gen by Yahoo! Answers.