How to Install iOS 5 on iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1g and 2g w/ Whited00r15 комментариев


This is how to get iOS 5 on your older model iPhone! This is an IPSW hack called Whited00r. It uses no Jailbreak or tweaks, so it will not mess up your devic…

ipod 5

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15 комментариев

  1. ahmed charif

    i have an iphone 3g ( 4.2.1) ,i tried to use Whited00r to install iOS5. i got this from itune : The i phone could not be restored. An unknowm error occured (1604). any help , thank you

  2. belly bone

    why waste my precious time? you little prick. you’re lucky you live across the pond, little fish…

  3. Tanner Hayes


  4. Wchotboy W

    will it remove a jailbreak

  5. romulan4life

    will this allow imessage to work on iphone 3g?

  6. G Heath

    This guy is a liar. Messed up my motherfuckin’ iPod. What a cocksucker!

  7. Ray Fikles

    Can i update it to 4.2.1 and still be looking like ios 5 ?

  8. Princesa Tibetana

    It DOES work… It takes you down to 3.1.3 BUT, you can install anything now… Just don’t do it directly from the APP Store… In App Market you can find iTunes App Store, but if you swipe you will see the App Time Machine Store.. you can download anything from there…. I was able to download Pandora ONE … I couldn’t before because my iPod is a 2G … But rest assure, this works perfectly !

  9. MResendez

    It brought me to 3.1.3

  10. rune man

    could you still jailbreak it?

  11. isaac perins

    Hey I have a second gen I’m using my windows xp d620 and it said that my iPod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible error 1461 if you could help that would mean the world to me. If needed thank you so much

  12. Lezner Krep

    Works for me.Thanks.

  13. gog lee

    can u get apps

  14. jairtzinio

    i dont get it….

  15. kirsten mae Alvendia

    This is helpful my mom found my dads old iPhone 3GS and im trying to help her by Yahoo! Answers.