iphone 5 Verizon Factory Unlocked From CDMA To GSM AT&T T-mobile Verizon18 комментариев


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ipod 5

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18 комментариев

  1. hihater190

    Doesn’t Verizon have unlt data plan? whats wrong with their plan?..Tmobile coverage sucks

  2. Sergio Morgan

    Before you jailbreak your iPhone, check this tutourial :
    Just check it!!!

  3. mdmiltonhossen

    Free help service for Get your Nokia unlocke at iphonegeeks. us

  4. misson silwal

    amazing dud


    so if i put my SIM card in a verizon iPhone 5 it will have my number not the number that the verizon iPhone 5 came with?

  6. Loris Parsons

    How Jailbreaking its working? Working TutorialGuide!!!
    best tutorial, must see
    its working!

  7. Daddyezee

    right now i pay 50 for unlt everything on t-mobile

  8. TheJaybird95

    Do you have unlimited data with AT&T though? How much do you pay a month ?

  9. TheJaybird95

    I really wasn’t. I I had that dilemma for a long time. I wasn’t gonna pay full price but the way you did it actually is cheaper

  10. Daddyezee

    as i can see you was being smart with your question

  11. TheJaybird95

    You don’t have to get smart. I was honestly just asking ….

  12. Daddyezee

    like i said i got the phone paid the early termination fee. and there u go

  13. TheJaybird95

    So do you pay a Verizon bill? Because the only way to get an iPhone for cheap is to get a contract

  14. Ivan Hernandez

    The 4s is both CDMA and GSM.. But sprint only unlock CDMA

  15. alfonso hall

    AT&T is the only iPhone that can get lte on tmobile, Verizon just gets 4g

  16. ThatBoii James

    Hey can you kik or text me? It’s pretty hard to explain it. @Daddyezee

  17. kgp5150911

    great video thanks

  18. metickletoe1

    My dad has a iphone 5 AT&T and he gets LTE.

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