iPod Touch 4th Gen [32GB] Review

A review/overview and a comparison of the new iPod Touch 4th Generation. Did a mini-unboxing in it just because I don’t wanna make one. haha Enjoy it please!…

[youtube dmxA4J546Pw]

ipod 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. beautylaughlove:

    U are asin u have a whit voice

  2. beautylaughlove:

    U are not talking

  3. Ravneet Shing:

    Your not even talking


    Niqqa fugly as fuq

  5. aaron dodd:

    I am going to get an iPod touch 4th gen 32gb for my birthday. I have already bought it but I am not allowed to open it until my birthday which is on may 22nd.
    It is 11 may today. I cant wait ten minutes to open it, let alone ten days. SO EXCITED!!!

  6. AngelasBeautyTime:

    THumbs up if your watching in 2013 :3

  7. basketballdude138:

    «theapplefreak» totally not gonna be biased…

  8. Casicool skrillax:

    steve aoki’s son lol 😀

  9. awais ali:

    I thought he was christian

  10. trifectatom3:

    You did a great job, helped me to «see» what I wanted to know. Two thumbs up.

  11. MrScootUSA:

    You sound older than you look!!

  12. Strongersevillian:

    is there any book,science,bible or god that says all white people have a special voice or all Asian people have a special voice

  13. MrTartancam:

    bit late..

  14. Milly Odair:

    The iPads, are created.

  15. TechMagic007:

    naw, you fail x3

  16. SaintStudiosable:

    What is that stand for the idevices

  17. kenobi4582:

    i got 5 of these in christmas but also got the new 5th gen lol

  18. Landen Zac:

    white is slower than black jk i like both

  19. Adrian P:

    Nobody says a word about the audio output. Is it any good when you plug in your headphones?

  20. MrTartancam:

    LIKE my comment if your getting this or the 5th GEN for Christmas!

  21. Ash Ketchum:

    You are a Latino with a misspelling comment.

  22. todd brooklynn:

    no led flash ….can u tell me what quality u will get with indoor video recording camera …if room is dark will u get good vid recording

  23. EASY x Nuke:

    im gettin the 4g 32gb black retails 250$

  24. avgiantsfan94:

    This video was from two years ago, the 16GB wasn’t available back then