PhotoPuppet HD iPad Animation Tutorial 1

My new iPad animation ebook is now available direct through my website: or through iTunes: In this tutorial I …

[youtube udhzLLD4afs]

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  1. Lawrence Marceillant:

    Is this free?

  2. Flaming Stylus:

    Thanks for sharing. Your videos show a lot of ingenuity. I like the ArtStudio and Pinnacle Studio apps as well. I cover using ArtStudio to make cut out animation in the upcoming book and also touch on editing with Pinnacle Studio in the bonus material. Keep up the good work!

  3. Flaming Stylus:

    Thanks for the kind words! I can announce now that the iPadimation ebook will be available this month (May!!!) I am currently putting the finishing touches on the book and will be offering it for download within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

  4. Leanne Bandte:

    You are awesome! Your Photopuppet tutes are such an inspiration, pleeeease bring on the ebook already, I am sooooo into this! Work faster! LOL

  5. squirrels in a bucket:

    Great info man. I will be looking for the ebook right n….

  6. Ethan Worthington:

    Lip sync? How?

  7. MrApp Bee:

    Damnit port this to the iPhone already. I don’t want the bullcrap «go» version, I want this full version which the iPhone 4S is more than capable of running.

  8. EddieandEvan:

    Thank you for the tutorial… it was very helpful!
    PhotoPuppet is a great app for the iPad… I have started an animated cartoon series called «Eddie and Evan» — using PhotoPuppet as my main animation program (along with ArtStudio for cartoon drawing & Pinnacle Studio for final editing)… uploading new clips every week at the «Eddie & Evan» youtube channel… (put in «Eddie and Evan» @ youtube).

    Again: PhotoPuppet is a great app… that really helped me a lot!

  9. mae meier:

    I love it!

  10. Flaming Stylus:

    Hey Guys, thanks for the comments. I am currently writing an ebook that will cover all aspects of creating animation on the iPad. The book will be in a groundbreaking format that will include videos and downloadable project files. I’m targeting a winter release so stay tuned to my twitter feed for additional updates and previews.

  11. yobnhoJ71:

    Great tutorial best I found of Photo Puppet HD but am still confused about things like attaching arms, etc. It seems there is a limit to how many things one can attach to a character. Also, would be nice to have access to tutorials on, say, making scene loops & whatnot. Thanks great video! : )

  12. ShadowyCabal:

    How’s the next tutorial coming along? I’m trying to figure out how to do the lip sync and could use some tips.