iPad 4th Generation Unboxing (iPad 4 / 4G Unboxing 2012)

Subscribe — http://youtube.com/unboxtherapy Try Carbonite — http://carbonite.com This is my iPad 4th Generation Unboxing. The iPad 4th Generation features Ap…

[youtube Z2dvXL45l0M]

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  1. WizardIV:

    These are great tablets.

  2. Matt Blymyer:

    Ear pods don’t

  3. BenCohenxD:

    My earpods that I purchased didn’t come with stickers

  4. Glenn Canady:

    You can buy really cheap iPads at this site: ipaddirect1.mybigcommerce(dot)com/. I got my daughter an iPad Mini for like a hundred less than retail, the prices are ridiculous 🙂

  5. CoolJZero1:

    Ipod classc and nano 

  6. Ryan Caulfeild:

    For Apple products that did not come with stickers : Apple USB SuperDrive

  7. Marlon Villelas:

    9: Pay to get virus fixed

  8. babygirl402xg:

    I got a refurbished one so no

  9. hugo boss:

    debated if i should get this or the mini, ipad 4 won me over 😀 still loving it til this day

  10. Dillon Singh:

    iPad mini is cool for travel…etc. but iPad with retina is worth money

  11. minergibby:

    I dont care,i have an ipad mini and for it doesnt care of course on the big ipad you have a sharper display but it look the same

  12. jdstudios46:

    Apple accessories such as the AirPort, Time Capsule, Smart Cover etc… do not come with stickers. Only devices such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac come with stickers.
    Hope that clears it up for you.

  13. Peter Morgan:

    Why say «Thee» instead of «the»?

  14. Philip Hoang:

    im wating to get the ipad mini 2 with 4g lte or 5g lte if it comes out