RetroArch — Playstation Games With PS3 Controller on iPhone iPod Touch iPad (Ep. 5) PS3 Controller

How to play playstation games with ps3 controller on iphone ipod touch ipad with retroarch emulator cydia app. SixPair Download Here:…

[youtube Ysbr1aEma_I]

iphone 6

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комментариев 14

  1. yung Sav:

    Can you get all these features for a I touch 5 gen?

  2. patnmat700:

    he is using a ds3 controller

  3. jason lora:

    Can you connect 2 ds3 remote

  4. Mkicefucksfire:


  5. iamjuju26:

    How can you do this on an android phone

  6. Deshaye Gayle:

    does it have to be dualshock 3??

  7. HanielxDxAwesome:

    can you make a psp emulador totorial ?

  8. Sean Adriano:

    alrighty…Thanks for checking on it dude. I guess I can’t do anything else other than to wait patiently and hope it will work in the future 🙁

  9. Grant Delmore:

    After a bit of Googling it just doesn’t seem to work at the moment. Nothing official i can find about it but i assume its just a bug they are getting too, i dunno ill message em but well see how we go on a response.

  10. Brian Griffin:

    The issue with this is that I have to pause and do everything he showed us every time I want to play a new game.

  11. Jumbo PancakeFTW:

    Show us how to use Nintendo ds

  12. Sean Adriano:

    It works great and all, but I think the analog sticks are missing. Would the dual shock work also? I’ve been looking forever on how to make the analog sticks and the dual shock to work. Ape Escape wont work without it :(

  13. Random4909:

    Pls make a windows tutorial

  14. ZayraStarAcademyVEVO:

    Doesn’t work ps3 controllers the keys are reversed on it ! PLEASE HELP