Introducing Flipboard’s Latest Edition: Getting More Social

Introducing Flipboard’s Latest Edition: Getting More Social.

[youtube iJ_DnDBsR9o]

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  1. Michael G. Nathan:

    seriously this is like one of the main reasons i want an iPad.

  2. Bob Ryszkiewicz:


    BR/The Ghost of Elvis &
    The Soul Eater Videos
    CANADA, eh…

  3. FrontForge:

    This is one of main reasons I got an iPad.

  4. Keygen Bryant:

    the flipboard is superdope greatwork guys

  5. Mark Dodge Medlin:

    Flipboard is my favorite app and the best way to keep up with Google Reader on my iPad (although it’s not perfect, especially when it comes to displaying photoblog posts). It’d be great to be able to view Tumblr content in Flipboard, as I have yet to find an acceptable way to see Tumblr on my iPad.

    Nice video, folks.

  6. sh0:

    You guys all sound like you are on heavy tranquilizers… No offense, your app is the reason why I purchased an iPad in the first place.. 🙂

  7. sciencevsromancenet:

    An increasingly beautiful and useful piece of software. I’d love to see a way to send content to tumblr, too.

  8. NanoGuitarist:

    I just want to say thank you for the amazing product …