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Heading out with your iPhone? Learn what apps you’ll need to make your travel experience a convenient (and cheaper) one. Traveling with your iPhone can be co…

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    New » Place» app helps you find any place! Just either talk or type whatever you are looking for, and it will present a list of the places closest to you.
    The app then clearly speaks out the details of it and a map showing the address of the place.
    The app will also guide you to the place, using augmented reality! Just look at the street around you, and the app will project the place on your screen, together with the current distance.

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  10. Brendan Kirwin:

    This is a great show. Very informative. Thanks!

  11. Austin Feydt:


  12. RaijilajneN:

    gah, it sux that some of them only works in us or london for example.. =/

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    good review