Drop Test — Lifeproof Fre Case for the iPad Mini

Check out our site! www.MobileReviews-eh.ca We performed a drop test with the Lifeproof Fre case for the iPad Mini. We dropped the iPad mini in the case seve…

[youtube e5qB6uyy4lg]

ipad mini

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комментария 4

  1. traxxasslash4:

    Good job

  2. ASDIncYYC:

    Cool. We’ll put it on our list. Subscribe to the channel if for future updates!

    We’ve got a couple of taktik cases on the go and we’ve just order a case from incipio as well as the survivor/catalyst.

  3. ASDIncYYC:

    Thanks for the feedback. We were thinking that it was a bit too strong ourselves. We’ll change that for all the upcoming videos that we upload (we’ve got a few that are already baked)

  4. riko4628:

    BTW you should test swicheasy coverbuddy. My sister accidently droped ipad mini from chest height to floor with that case and it still working