BMW iPod / iPhone / Droid Integration Kits by Bavsound- Soundplicity ONE / Control II / Control III | In this video Bavarian Soundwerks shows how it’s possible to connect your iPod/iPhone or Droid into your BMW in a clean and stealt…

[youtube 43px12d8RVk]

ipod 5

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  1. HalstonBSW:

    I apologize Ken it would not let me post for a few days. Happy to get this resolved for you! Can you please shoot me an email with your order details and we will get you setup?


  2. KenSchumacher1:

    I am a frustrated customer. After the latest firmware update, the device works until the car is turned off, at which point it is no longer recognized. I have to pull my glovebox and disconnect, reconnect everything to get it to work…that is, until I shut my car off the next time….and have to pull my glovebox again…GRRRRR!!!!

  3. bavsound:

    Best bet is to shoot us an email at our Site bavsound dot com and let the tech guys answer that. We can definitely send it to you if it’s available.

  4. wassimab:

    can i get this in europe for bmw z4 e85!?

  5. Bassam Altwal:

    hi, do you have videos for installation in an E46 3 serious convertible?  i couldn’t find any in your library.

  6. bavsound:

    Sorry, no : )

  7. Tomas Olivo:

    Can you watch the music videos you have in your iphone/ipod in the screen of the car??

  8. bavsound:

    It’s called «Destination Excellence» by Coby C and is available for sale from dot cobyc dot bandcamp dot com/. Darn youtube link-blocking: Or go to the bandcamp website and search «Coby C»

  9. hellwinks:

    whats the name of the song in this video?

  10. bavsound:

    We have a whole slew of installation videos that shows you how to install your DICE kit your specific BMW! Yes, usually the connections are in the trunk. Please enjoy the install video for your vehicle. If it’s not there let us know, we’ll work on it! Releasing new videos all the time : )