iPad 2: iMovie Demo

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[youtube TgB0eJ-wrP4]

ipad 5

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комментария 24

  1. arogantmushroom:

    What editing software do you use?

  2. 242dominator:

    If you’ve stopped reading this, I understand, but if you are still reading this then thanks. Am just getting into film and editing and have created a movie trailer for a movie I’m uploading.

  3. WaterWaterSU:

    Your tutorial is better then the others coz the others are so complicated

  4. theNFLinsider:

    good job!

  5. SweetAsHoneyAg:

    How to make the picture a bit faster because I do stopmotions but it look more like a stop motion

  6. BeastBeth:

    Lol my (sleeping) cat meowed when the barking sound effect came on

  7. easyvideocretaion:

    I found an extremly easy way to create and publish videos, really it is very easy, check the link on my profile

  8. ShopWiiBee:

    It’s crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn’t come with a manual.
    Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.

  9. easyvideocretaion:

    Everybody knows that create a video can be extremly time consuming but I foun a way to create them in minutes! I can’tI post the link here but if you go to my profile you’ll see it on the description of my profile

  10. brilamp86:

    I love your attitude! «That’s me driving in the snow, I dunno what I was doing there!» lol 🙂

  11. Jackson Estes:

    Awesome vid

  12. LaurieLouis:

    I just love your reviews! 🙂 I couldn’t decide if I wanted iMovie or not for my new iPad Mini, but you made it look fun, so ill give it a whirl. Thanks!

  13. Felix Sanchez:

    This is f**kin’ awesome!!

  14. neilb124:


  15. Mkolak31:

    Thanks for the preview of this app…

  16. Swaggr Daddie:

    I love this dude!! Favorite YouTuber!! By far

  17. JB1DBliss:

    Can you make lyrics videos on iMovie through iPad or iPod just like the Mac? Like with really nice effects and stuff?

  18. Larissa Fitzpatrick:

    Thank you my daughter wants it and I am going to get it so now we know a little about it!

  19. juicyfruit5544:

    Can u speed things up

  20. beautybyamyx:

    Thanku I hav been wondering how to make an imovie

  21. Chongersdahmingler:

    $400… plus tax.

  22. mekhistar123:

    Do need iPad iOS 5.1 to ge iMovie?

  23. Kyle Winters:

    Great demo! I saw the app and was curious about it, found your demo and it was super helpful! Thanks!

  24. kkodax123:

    iPad 2 is now $300 since the new iPad came out