Apple Special Event 2001 — The first iPod introduction (part 1)

The first iPod ever, introduced by Steve Jobs on October, 23 in 2001 at a Special Event «to unveil a breakthrough digital device».

[youtube bz1ZWvZBGYM]

ipod 5

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  1. Kyle Richard Hudson:

    Myriad Pro, actually. But your point is well taken. 😛

  2. Andrei Petunin:

    HD windows style.

  3. germanpuma:

    lol 20 million dvd players in the US

  4. Babek Abdullayev:

    thumb up if you are watching this in 2013

  5. TylerDavis:

    Before Apple discovered Helvetica.

  6. danielgartin6993:

    Yay,i have an iPod

  7. Super33Saiyan:

    So flagrant when watching videos as his final few years on earth, lost so much weight… Here is alright but on last video he looks like a skeleton…

  8. Eric Perez:

    Comic Sans haha

  9. phu pham hoang:

    Thanks Steve,thanks for making lots of amazing devices

  10. Dalahu01:

    It’s crazy, to think they made 5 different generation of iPods in just under 4 years!

  11. eacao:

    Steve wanted nothing more than to have a legacy and change the world. He didn’t want money, that was never his ambition. So all of you, watching these videos and remembering him are fulfilling his dreams. By acknowledging his contributions to all of us, you are all satisfying his wishes.

  12. SIRlodgey:

    @danieleifyable 2001 isnt that much long ago i wouldnt be surprised it was released in 2001

  13. Aiyana Rodriguez:

    Wow I have the 4th generation iPod and probably getting the 5th for Christmas! And my iPod has 32 gigabyte

  14. Aiyana Rodriguez:

    The first iPod was made in 2001. I wasn’t born till 2002!