iPhone/iPod touch/ipad controlled i-Helicopter, 3CH RC Helicopter Toy 777-170A

Toysbase.com — Iphone//iPod/iPad/iTouch Control Helicopter include 3.5-Channel Gyroscopes System I-helicopter RPC120745 If you want to buy them, Please send …

[youtube 5TUgde2h1pw]

ipod 10

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комментариев 13

  1. Fatalhaddock90:

    There’s one at toys r us for 5

  2. Di sousa:

    i bought one on eBay.com — 20 bucks

  3. Aleksas Markevičius:

    Cheap + free shipping! 😉

  4. jimbojames365:

    @0ldschool80s try the app called COPTER CONTROLLER. Old iPod touch should be fine on that.

  5. Hcdck9:

    Where to get these wholesale?

  6. MrJoey1087:

    thats retarded

  7. WholesaleBabyToys:

    8- 12 minutes

  8. Tom Schimpf:

    5 — 7 minutes.

  9. MrJoey1087:

    how long does it last

  10. jimbojames365:

    Nice video man. Have u checked out the ihelicopter version called LIGHTSPEED iHELICOPTER? Its got an awesome turbo option.

  11. unbreakebull:

    bruno macedo you go in app store and you search the i-helicopter and it’s free 🙂 it’s a blue icon whit a small helicopter in it 🙂

  12. Bruno Macedo:

    Yeah… How can I get the app?

  13. ariftorres74: