Lifeproof Fre for iPad Mini Follow Up Review

This is a more in depth follow up review to my previous Lifeproof ipad mini review. I performed a drop test and a water test as you can see in the video. If …

[youtube 1rg9f9puu-A]

ipad 5

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  1. Clay Smith:

    Thank u so much I appreciate it so much keep going strong

  2. sarai regalado:

    Ur not suppose to have a screen protector stupid

  3. Troy Loisel:

    You’re not suppose to put a screen protector on under the case. It’s right in the manual.

  4. J9famside:

    Well I am not too familiar with those headphones. I have a pair of the waterproof X-1 H2Audio headphones and unfortunately they will not fit into the headphone port because of the bulk by the port. As of now life proof does not make an adapter that fits in the iPad mini case neither. But as I said I am not familiar with those headphones so they may work. If I can come across a pair I will gladly try them out and get back to you.

  5. J9famside:

    The rainbow effect/newton rings is where the case touches the screen of the iPad and causes reflections of light creating almost like an oil mark. Just like the life proof iPhone case it can be fixed by a very light nearly invisible to the eye puff of baby powder to dry up any moisture in the case and screen eliminating the chance of the screen protector sticking to the screen. There are other ways to fix this but this was the easiest to me.

  6. J9famside:

    In my case it did which is why I used a light puff of baby powder and it cleared it up. But I noticed if your holding the case in your hand the rainbow effect tends to go away. It is only pretty bad when resting it on a table or flat surface without pressure to the back of the case.

  7. J9famside:

    If your familiar with the lifejacket accessory for the iPhone life proof case its basically the same thing. There are strings on both sides of the strap that threat through cut outs on the side of the life proof case. There are cut outs on all four corners giving you the opportunity to angle it any way you want. The strap is also adjustable to set the length that you want.

  8. CookieWithMinecraft:

    How far does the headphone protecter go down cuz my headphones have a big gold part that sticks out right after the port google it sennhiser 280 pro on google images and will it fit my headphones

  9. CookieWithMinecraft:

    What do you mean the water effect and why do you need baby powder

  10. Kevinsanchez510:

    Does the Rainbow effect occur a lot

  11. Luis Amaya:

    I how does the strap work

  12. J9famside:

    I do not have a screen protector on it anymore I removed it before the video. I did do a light puff of baby powder.

  13. J9famside:

    I will get it up for you as soon as possible. The screen protector will not work underwater even with a stylus though this I do know.

  14. ACviaME:

    Remove the screen protector. You do not need it w/ this case & your rainbow issues will be resolved.

  15. Angel Hernandez:

    Can you test it at least 1ft. underwater and try using the touch-screen but if it don’t work can you use a stylus? Thanks in anticipation.

  16. J9famside:

    The speakers are muffled just a bit but its more like instead of alot of treble it adds more base to the sound. I don’t have any sound issues out of it. The speaker vents are made of a gel like cortex that allows sound to pass through but not water or dust. It tends to transmit sound as well through the rear of the case. All in all I highly recommend this case. Its super thin and light for the protection it offers.

  17. Wheezebeck:

    Are the speakers muffled or anything like that? I dont understand how it could be waterproof and still hear the speakers, what about the mic?

  18. J9famside:

    Its pretty awesome. Did you have the rainbow effect issue at all?

  19. johann salas:

    Yea it’s amazing I got mine today

  20. Nick casey:

    And I’m back