Frozen Synapse iPad Sneak Peek! Quality a bit low as I was streaming video from the iPad to my PC, but you get the idea. Quick look at the current build of FS iPad — a…

[youtube jY8bEZyQTVk]

ipad 7

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  1. Amcacs5654:

    Is this for iPhone as well?

  2. artr0x93:

    This looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait for this game to get some more hype!

  3. Tom Longo:

    oh man this looks great! can’t wait to buy it.

    I love FS on my Mac/PC but I feel like I will play it much more on iPad. Just seems like the perfect game to play on a tablet.

  4. Mode 7:

    We haven’t run into any issues — we’re just trying to make it good! This was a very early version.

  5. MarqueeK:

    I’m guessing that they’ve run in to some major unforeseen issues seeing that it’s been 3 months since this very much playable looking video.

  6. Wes Howlett:

    Love it for the PC, will love it on my Android… right??

  7. IHeart16Bit:

    Hell. Yes. As downloadable WiiWare or something.

  8. MysticalOrca:

    This is brilliant, now I just need an ipad :(

  9. ncl1p:

    Come on android version!!!
    Question: will this version be free for the people who already bought the pc version + dlc?

  10. x7Vighthawk:

    iPod touch/iphone version pluuheeezzzzzeee

  11. Avinite:

    I need this for Wii U

  12. D3m0nsLuvP13:

    Any chance to see this coming out for Android?

  13. phobic99:

    Day 1 purchase!!! Looking forward to it.

  14. Cyron Ray Macey:

    There’s something wrong with the iPad version… The map appears this strange bluish colour! 😉

  15. Shroker:

    i think this would be very attractive to the Android crowd for sure.
    This would replace all the games on my Android (not that there is many I play. However, this would pass time easily and enjoyable…with awesome music. 🙂 )