Helicopter Robinson R44 Raven II — iPad performance calculator by Gyronimo

A short introduction to the new Performance Pad for the Robinson R44 Raven II. Available for iPad via the app store. You can calculate weight and balance, Ma…

[youtube le71JEfnRuw]

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комментариев 5

  1. mcchelicopter:

    Can you fix one for A109SP ?

  2. Claus Richter:

    yes, for the R44 there is a Raven I and a Raven II version. For the R22 there is one version for both Beta and Beta II.

  3. Claus Richter:

    yes you can!

  4. znouza:

    can we switch and use SI units instead of imperial?

  5. TotalFlight:

    Is this available for the Raven I?