iPod Touch Glass and LCD Repair and Disassembly (2nd Gen)

A guide on disassembling the iPod Touch 2nd Gen including glass and lcd. Visit http://www.powerbookmedic.com/mac-repair.php for more repair guides.

[youtube bHzJVoyUozE]

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  1. shaden abbott:

    yah but now how do u put it back together

  2. Amanda Koehler:

    You know, I’m really good with eletronics. So, I was thinking of fixing ipod Touches and selling them on Listia.

  3. Amanda Koehler:

    Well, I had to replace the LCD Screen on my ipod touch. Cuz it was cracked. I just used the tip of my finger to unplug the cable and the LCD. Just ripped the top of the tape off. Worked fine.

  4. secretweaponevan:

    Fantastic video.  Thank you.

  5. Diegercvb:

    fuck i broke my screen :C

  6. Fernando Hernandez:

    Hi excellent video thank you for share it, I have a doubt I hope you help me…
    My iPod touch 2g has broken the display and I have another iPod but it is 1g, let me know if I can put in iPod 2g the display from Ipod 1g, it is compatible that?

    Thank You !!!

  7. PowerbookMedic:


  8. cmdnapster:

    is the earphone jack a clip on or solder on?

  9. PowerbookMedic:

    They are available from our website or by calling us at 866-726-3342. We call them iPad take apart tools.

  10. pavilionalex:

    i want one of those flat tools, can I find them on amazon? what are they called?

  11. Steve Arendse:


  12. PowerbookMedic:

    You need to replace the jack. The part is available from our website or by calling us at 1-866-726-3342, option 1.

  13. captainblackjack123:

    My I pods headphone jak doesn’t work properly anymore like it doesn’t play the music and ik it’s not my headphones so how do I fix it?

  14. George Ackon:

    i recommend this video who needs to find a way to fix their ipod for free, this video saved my ipod and you saved me from getting a new ipod touch

  15. PowerbookMedic:

    For very old hard drives and very powerful magnets yes. For flash memory and very slight magnetization, no.

  16. TheDemonicFool:

    I noticed that you are using a magnet on the screwdriver. Isn’t it bad for the chip to use a magnetized tool? (I was just wondering as they are never magnetized)

  17. PowerbookMedic:

    You most likely have issues with your logic board due to water damage and will likely need to replace that component in a minimum. We sell the parts for your model on our website or by calling us at 1-866-726-3342, option 1.

  18. SnowPaint078:

    One thing I forgot to contribute is that it will flash bright, and then go dim when I click the home button or lock button (within the fraction of a second). Changing the brightness doesn’t do anything. Along with turning the auto brightness on or off.

  19. SnowPaint078:

    Now, since I connected to Itunes it has been reset. The jailbreak was removed with the rest of my stuff (oh well). But now the screen is incredibly dim. I can work the Ipod just fine, but have to use it under a light because I can hardly see the screen (Forget about using it in the dark).

    To contribute to this the Wifi is grayed out and says «Not connected» usually u are able to go into the «Sub-folders» and connect. But, it won’t allow me to. From this definition does anyone know whats wrong?

  20. SnowPaint078:

    Alright here is the deal, I have no clue what generation my Ipod Tough is. But, I bought it in 2009, I had it Jail Broken in 2011 and it has worked great all these years.

    But, today it took a trip through the washing machine and then the dryer. We will not get into whose fault it may or may not be.

    Amazingly it worked, when I turned it on the apple logo appeared bright an shiny, but, it told me to reconnect to Itunes. I had lost all my stuff, but, I’m fortunate it works. -See next comment.

  21. PowerbookMedic:

    Hard to say. If the cable and lcd are fine, you should be fine. I’d recommend installing it and see if it works or not.

  22. veronica ortiz:

    I was putting a new lcd into my ipod and accidentally dropped it 🙁 the copper piece connected on the left side of the lcd came off. Does that mean I need to buy a new one?

  23. PowerbookMedic:

    Most likely all you need is a digitizer.