What’s on my iPad mini?

Hey guys, what’s up? Today in this video I go over all the apps I have on my brand new iPad mini. I don’t have much since I got my iPad yesterday! I hope you…

[youtube JSEHnx2Z6n4]

ipad mini

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  1. piqqa mawawane:

    why don’t you borrow me some money? thats a great way to spend your money.

  2. piqqa mawawane:

    One time someone asked me what’s on my iPad mini. I was very excited and gave him the following fantastic answer: «Nothing.» Well, why did I answer that? Because. I. don’t. have. an. iPad. Mini. of. course.

  3. AllAboutBraces221:

    oh i have a ipod touch 4g 8gb thats why i want an ipad im running out of room! These people are lucky they can afford this stuff 🙁

  4. DRcatscratch:

    i have an old ipod touch 3g, but its not that good

  5. AllAboutBraces221:

    do you have an ipod touch or what apple products do you have

  6. DRcatscratch:

    i know, i feel sorry for others. i got tons of money i can spend and cant use it. i know how you feel

  7. AllAboutBraces221:

    no offence but don’t be ungrateful a lot of people don’t even get one present. But I’m sorry you didn’t get it :(. I want an ipad mini sooo bad but my dad won’t let me use my own savings account to pay for it myself. It’s sooo retarded. I’m watching like 5 year olds getting ipads i’m sooo pissed im 15 and can’t even get one to use for reading and games.

  8. Patty Pourghomi:

    he said facetime for facebook what a retard

  9. iTechBrandon:

    Thanks! I really appreciate the nice comment!!!