iOS 4 / 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 Jailbreak & Unlock iphone 3g and Jailbreak iPod Touch 2nd gen (NON MC MODEL)

This video is on Jailbreak/Unlocking your iphone 3g and Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2nd gen (NON MC MODEL). You can check your iPod Model by going to settings on…

[youtube A05ZNmkQO1I]

ipod 10

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  1. TheJailbreakShop:

    could you link to a 6.1.3. jailbreak?

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  3. MegaDarkTroll:

    just restore it in recovery mode

  4. mark davidsons:

    I used it and it works

  5. Reut Maimon:
    Great site for permanent factory unlocks — sim free your mobile phone.
    It cost me only 7 usd!

  6. Ch.Ahsan Abbas:

    Can i send u my iPhone 3GS IMEI no ?

  7. chukwudi ekechukwu:

    thanks it worked

  8. john powder:

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  9. Sammi Brucke: got my iphone unlocked for free. Glad i didn’t have to pay money for it.
    I’m just giving actual advice to everyone. Don’t pay, get it for free!

  10. AKxx313xxAK:

    ^^ lol you could just FACTORY UNLOCK ANY AT&T iphone at

  11. Itay Mishan:

    I have unlocked my phone on unlockfusion. org
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  12. mickey hamles:

    GoogIe EZ iPhone Unlocker, it’ll unlock any version easily

  13. shazabe iqbal:

    Can you put a video up which shows an iphone 3G on IOS 4.1 being Un-jail breaked. thanks

  14. dbcott77:

    if u have ATT Iphone, get a permanent factory unlock at iphoneunlockedcheap . com with coupon code IPULC12 for $12.99 I just got mine done today

  15. Bibesh Shrestha:

    im tryin really hard to do it bt every time i browse the firmware 4.02 UNABLE TO RECOGNISE SPECIFIED IPSW, wht should i do 🙁 plz help me

  16. Bibesh Shrestha:

    red snow not supporting 4.02 firmware wht should i do ???? help plz

  17. daddiejay:

    I got my Unlock done at w w w. Apple Pro Device . com Fast and Reliable all iphones.

  18. MysticMouth:

    What do u do if ur iPod says gernral error on every video I try to watch?

  19. fat tee:


  20. swinepaels:

    there you can find the jailbreak for all the latest ioses.
    latest jailbreak: untethered ios 6 JB!

  21. Ivana Marie:

    Good video