Chrysler 300m audio AUX Input iPod iPhone MP3 players satellite radio

Chrysler auxiliary audio input interface audio input adapter for mp3 iPod iPhone…

[youtube XdoZZX4321g]

ipod 10

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  1. pdaelectronics:

    Not possible, the Chrysler radio can understand only one device at the time

  2. pdaelectronics:

    Yes it works in A 1999 Chrysler 300m but you need the auxiliary input with the round plug

  3. pdaelectronics:

    Yes it will work in a 1999 Chrysler 300m but you have to remove the 4 disc cd changer from under the radio, or unplug it also when buying the aux adapter ask for the round plug for your radio most people send it free with the purchase

  4. littlepowerbit:

    Will this work on a 99 Chrysler 300m?

  5. pdaelectronics:

    There are two parts you can use CHRY04-AUX OR ISFM21 this second part is the bluetooth for android you can find them from oemautosound
    for the auxiliary input to work the Crysler radio needs to be satellite ready or rear DVD ready, but there is no need to change the radio

  6. envyravenz:

    I have an android …my Chrysler is an 06… what is the name of the converter..where can I get it?..the shop I went to and best buy told me my stereo needed to be change to have the aux capability. .I was looking at Three hundred …

  7. pdaelectronics:

    No you will need the CHRY04 search for
    Chysler iPod Interface 2004-2007 CHRY04/PC-POD2

  8. CJ Culligan:

    Will this work on a dodge ’06?

  9. pdaelectronics:

    Yes the stereo is the same it will work in any Chrysler stereo with a mode button

  10. apatzin30:

    would this work on a 2004 concorde lxi?

  11. pdaelectronics:

    CD player can be defective stuck or working It don’t matter auxiliary works with the mode button

  12. adrian ortiz:

    Does the cd player have to work in order for this to work? My car cd player wont take any of my cds anymore ):

  13. pdaelectronics:

    Yes it will work on any older Chrysler radio, that dont have the mode button, but your radio needs to be external CD changer ready CDC button, there is a round 8 pin plug on the back side of the Chrysler 300m radio, pie chry98-aux

  14. Dan Saunders:

    would this work on a ’99 300m?

  15. pdaelectronics:

    there is a diferent auxiliary input in case you want to keep the external CD changer, the interface allows you to input 3 aux sources search online for
    ( Pie X3-CHRY98 Chrysler 98-01 ) make sure all 3 parts are in the kit some bad sellers sale only the cable or interface by it self oemautosound sends you all 3 parts together you can also buy the same kid from PIE
    good luck