How to Put Free Ringtones On Your Iphone 5 — EASY MODE — Also works for all other Iphones and Ipods

The RINGTONE FOLDER!!! It does ExisT!!!! Lolz….This Video works for all Iphones. Any Iphone using iOS5 or above can also add SMS tones using the same metho…

[youtube ejT0XHNJE0k]

iphone 6

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  1. YouKnowYoureASpartan:

    Thanks for your help man, Appreciated 

  2. TehDeadLife:

    Great video, very clear and easy to understand =)

  3. Athy Yogi:

    any other websites? the website doesnt work for me

  4. Karol Alfaro:

    thank you for the video it REALLY REALLY HELPED! thanks a lot

  5. Karol Alfaro:

    Cheak out this videofrom youtube:

    How To Get Old iTunes Layout Back On Version

    Hope it helps you!

  6. Hamza Malik:

    What do I have to do with the updated version of iTunes I can’t drag into my library help me plz anyone

  7. mindy17kim:

    so ridiculously easy! wish i did this months ago! THANKS FOR THE AWESOME TUTORIAL!

  8. Sarah Rangel:

    this was awesome thanks 🙂

  9. Booba Tea:

    will something bad happen if we do this? will it screw up our iphones?

  10. yasinnalli:


  11. lowkey ny:

    Thanks really helpful

  12. Gatorgal00:

    Your comment was VERY helpful! Thank you

  13. myrger1:

    Just drop it in the library and when you go to the window that says iPhone(or the name you put it) there should be a new tab next to Apps thats called Tones. Click it and click Sync tones. And then just click Sync on the bottom =^,..,^=

  14. crlyblonde:

    Thank you!!!!! That was the easiest thing to do! This was the first easy solution that worked for me. Wish I found this sooner! haha

  15. Sam Capljinac:

    Thank You

  16. Jerome77D:

    I have the tones folder, but it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to put music in it!

  17. AcousticGamerTV:

    It do works though I had some problems getting it to work.
    I did my own ringtone and used a free audioconverter to make it to a m4r format.
    All I did is that I dropped it in the library folder and it created the tunes folder.
    If it’s not a M4r format it will may copy to music folder.
    If your device dosen’t show up make sure your device is in contact or not installing driver settings.
    Also you may have to restart Itunes if it dosent show up.

  18. williking9:

    Nice tutorial ty man

  19. Gustavo Rodriguez Jr.:

    Works fine with my iphone 5! I just dragged the file into my ipod and the folder «Tones» popped up out of nowhere

  20. Italianxgurl:

    I don’t have the ringtones or tunes folder in my library…Ive tried to drag in the ringtone to my library and the ringtone folder never appeared.

  21. Bubbles Deveaux:


  22. sugrbean58:

    someone please help me. I’ve used this tutorial on here since I’ve had my iPhone5 and its been great… But for some reason I’ve tried all day to get it to work without success.. I’m good until the point where you sync… Please help…

  23. Bryan Constantino:

     very helpful video thank you very clear direction

  24. BloodyBean Baybee:

    My phone lives on vibrate. Fuck ringtones.