iPod Touch 4G,2G,1G Comparison!

The new iPod Touch 4G is far ahead of the other iPods previously released. This video compares all the iPod Touches!

[youtube Fi5QBVMrYg8]

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    Hey I got the same watch haha

  2. Leo De Crescenzo:

    Well the 2nd and the 3rd are kinda different. It’s like the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. The 3rd can «reach» iOS 5 and is still capable of downloading lots of recent and famous apps, thing that the 2nd Gen can’t.

  3. jamessnyder189:

    Why didn’t u use the third

  4. Leo Rivera:

    No se ve nada

  5. cedric highers:

    the 2nd and 4th dont look all that different in the vid.

  6. TyTyz1:

    Actually, The 3rd Gen is newer than the 2nd gen and the 3rd gen is faster than the 2nd gen but they look the sams 🙂

  7. ItsAJoshProduction:

    Apple sucks. 

  8. ItsAJoshProduction:

    So why did you click the video if you didn’t care?

  9. ItsAJoshProduction:

    «It has a gyroscope, lemme dumb that down» How are you going to dumb down a gyroscope lol

  10. Luis Santana:

    @bobTom37 yeah but it doesnt looks like it because it looks like 3 or 2 mp

  11. Luis Santana:

    @mapuffleLOL is the same shit just better camera and with flash and just bigger screen by half a inch???

  12. motka6:


  13. kuntyfacedbitch:

    I like personally the way the 3g feels in my hand, it feels STRONGER than the ipod 4g, the ipod touch 4g’s metal feels WEAK and its dents VERY EASILY and its cheap as hell.

  14. kuntyfacedbitch:

    the 2nd and third were SO DIFFERENT, THE SECOND IS EXTREMELY SLOW. with a slower processor and a few other changes.

  15. xxsonic1221:

    at 0:13 what is that song called

  16. MultiAbccabgamer:


  17. Olicomix:


  18. Doom Knight:

    LOL you should do a 5g vs 2g 😛