Top 5 iPod Touch Apps

Here are my top 5 favorite apps for the iPod Touch! Follow Me On Twitter: Be sure to Subscribe for more videos:…

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  3. Billy Bob:

    who dosent know how to play angry birds?

  4. Theclawguy99:

    it has the power to to make your iPod have 20 battery life

  5. nplooj1:

    I’m a dumb piece of shit and i need to know which games are good

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  7. sam stone:

    thats the jist of it jist jist jist jist

  8. Bubbaroo likaboss:

    Omfg!!!! It seems that he is saying it more often on purpose!!!!!

  9. Bubbaroo likaboss:

    I was literally about to comment at him for saying basically al lottt whenhe said im sorry for saying basocally alot

  10. oobertuberdude:

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  11. Walker Rhoades:

    I have plants vs zombies in Xbox 360

  12. thesueee3:

    Fail and that’s not right

  13. xIceyDragonx:

    contract killer gta tbd or the app where you take a pic and blow it up

  14. n son:

    fruit ninja and vector and contract killer

  15. Jeff Fredricks:

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