iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPod nano, EarPods, Lightning, iTunes!

2:12 — iPhone 5 29:54 — iPod touch 38:38 — iPod nano 45:01 — New iTunes 49:08 — Wireless charging 50:58 — Apple’s EarPods 56:50 — Lightning connector and acc…

[youtube i-tojPWCDxA]

ipod 5

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комментария 24

  1. MarkNF82:

    love the old microsoft mouse. the most comfortable mouse i’ve had. I use the same one Brian uses too.

  2. Iron Lee:

    You can’t look at data while talking on speaker phone on iphone5?? I do that allot. Wow what a retarded step back that is. That type of shit is typical of apple.

  3. catchatyou:

    I wouldn’t mind a giveaway of the new Apple EarPods 😉

  4. eurosonly:

    apple keyboard, microsoft mouse…im confused

  5. ryanrobinbose:

    just don’t agree with NFC. i mean who cares if every single phone has it. i don’t know about the US but almost no other region has nfc. look at it in a realistic stand point are u going to even use NFC? if so how often? and people should stop bitching about the iPhone 5 for not having it. Nfc is still in a almost bata like stage when its everywhere apple will probably put it in the iPhone

  6. oliverumy:

    lol 😛

  7. MrDoubled50:

    Brian is hilarious!

  8. Hugo Ruivinho:

    Thanks, I suspected it was something along those lines but wanted to be sure since english is not my primary language.

  9. MuchLoveeUofT:

    the best or greatest, ( i.e this is a world class football team)

  10. Hugo Ruivinho:

    Can anyone tell me what’s «world class» ? is it an expression in the USA?

  11. sukiaki96:

    still waiting for when my iphone can make my coffee in the morning…

  12. andrew naylor:

    £250 is quite pricey for the ipod touch

  13. EndreIgland:

    my little sister would really be happy to have a lanyard…

  14. MacMike1000:

    NFC = Nobody F******* Care

  15. bealmear2004:

    Iphone has plenty of self charging units already available for it so they did not add it in and plus that would decrease accessory sales.

  16. Seán Riordan:

    My iPhone cost 850€ which is over 1000$. What are you talking about «jack the price up to 1000$» it already cost more then a grand.

  17. colorcoordinated101:

    I actually like the strap. for kids it’s going to be easier for them to not drop it

  18. MAIzzy21:

    Great video guys. I’m not sure if want get the iPhone 5 maybe because iOS 6 isn’t as exciting as I thought.

  19. pochoun33137:


  20. Fu NL:

    you arent suppose the buy a new iphone each year. 

  21. adidasDC:

    wow im glad i pre ordered through the iphone apple store app it went right through meanwhile my girlfriend is stuck waiting for apple website to refresh 30 minutes later

  22. adidasDC:

    1 minute left for preorder FUCK YEA haha

  23. Aang6678:

    Mike: «What are you doing over there?»
    Brian: «Accessorizing Mike»
    (I hope you got the pun)

  24. john dub:

    I like the around the horn style, very nice.