iPhone 5 DROP TEST | Otterbox Defender vs Griffin Survivor

SKIP TO 05:35 FOR THE DROP TESTS! Check Out My Otterbox Armor Torture Test: http://e4i.me/15Eo8Lq In this video, I compare the Otterbox Defender and the Grif…

[youtube A7KkIPf-h3U]

iphone 6

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  1. MrJ0mmy:

    chuck at brick wall

  2. Florsi7777:

    thats perfect. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. dont run away have a try now >> bit.ly/1bfFnEL?=qsdvco

  3. TheVirginiaSurvivor:

    another rich white kid I see

  4. shortfilipinogirlz:

    Life proof case is a great and famous case so do a drop test with tht it is so expensive too

  5. 4515jonny:

    If you want full protection get a lifeproof case its also water proof

  6. imnotracist10:

    This guy is my neighbor

  7. Erika Nissen:

    is a virus included or extra?

  8. joshua acosta:

    Nice video you helped out a lot I am going with the otterbox

  9. Nate Meyer:

    I don’t think warantees cover throwing your phone. Then the day before it was up you’d throw it at the ground and get a new one. Think about what your saying

  10. optibottumus:

    Take the phone out of the Otterbox, then put in the powder. Shake it around on the protector, then wipe away what’s remaining with a dry cloth. You don’t leave it…

  11. Nick Ladroma:

    that helps me a lot on choosing what to use. thanks.

  12. Sway Methodz:

    i think you misspelled free virus

  13. optibottumus:

    The Defender is 30 on Amazon. The Armor is 60.

  14. optibottumus:

    Throw, retard.

  15. WulfProductionss:

    Who idiot will drop his phone like that 7:20 …