iOS 7 AirDrop Demo With iPhone 5 & iPad Mini

iOS 7 AirDrop Demo With iPhone 5 & iPad Mini iOS 7 Complete Walkthrough Series: _____…

[youtube nIhx0ZJgWTI]

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  1. Manuel Prieto:

    «Just tap tap tap no more going around touching phones» what Tim cook said

  2. Yoopsen213:

    Works on iPad mini?! Yay!!!

  3. Paul Vecsei:

    is this going to work with the mac version of airdrop?

  4. theidoMagic:

    I hope airdrop will be lunched on cydia ! Really looking for

  5. jojimelz:


  6. Marwan Kobrousli:

    We can’t use airdrop if there’s no wifi network around, yeah?

  7. Martin Arku:

    i’m having minor bug problems with airdrop.

  8. sqmckenzie:

    Can you airdrop a book?

  9. Ulti737fs:

    This is a beta… iOS 7 is coming this fall…

  10. Louis Bank:

    did not watch the video at all? Youcan share more than just photos with Airdrop.

  11. MrFlashzap:

    When was IOS 7 released?

  12. minesew:

    1 and 2 are free 😀

  13. AlfonsoRocks7310:

    Infinity blade is free for now

  14. Kofi Agyemang:

    …I don’t get it, it seems like the only difference between iMessaging contact screenshots or photos to other and Airdropping it to them is you can Airdrop to random people.

  15. Sk8ry0shi:

    Infinity Blade 2 is now free at the app store 😀

  16. eskinderg:

    air drop is useful when you are sitting next to a hot girl in some place and want to show her something important.

  17. danijel370:

    Do you have both devices on same wifi network or using adhoc mode? If using adhoc, do they disconnect from home wifi and reconnect later?
    What exactly do you mean by sharing «all kinds of stuff»? Can you send a zip file to another device?

  18. Nigel Greenhill:

    Does the other device need wifi and Bluetooth on to send to? Or does it auto come on when u accept? ALSO After they auto turn on, will they auto turn off afterwards? Thanks, good vid.

  19. Mr Chocolate:

    when a jailbreak come sout, you can probably get it it for iphone 4S other wise, im going to have to get new iphone XD

  20. Mr Chocolate:

    Do you get to keep the photo after you airdrop it? and can you use bluetooth?

  21. Ari Jamal:

    Can you play video in background on ios 7 please ?

  22. Gonzalo1010101010x:

    Thanks ….

  23. DaBoss2016:

    Thank man you rock

  24. Felix Dharmawan:

    gtfo no one likes you