M-Audio Keystation MINI 32 Review

The latest mini controller from M-Audio features seven more keys — does that make it any better? Find out… More reviews: Sonicstate.com.

[youtube pEgDNq96GN4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jeanette Fuller:

    Is it plug and play? Because iv just purchased one but im getting no sound

  2. MCbryzol:


  3. shedbd:

    did you use a powered usb?

  4. shedbd:

    does not support ipad mini…

  5. Muffinmanone:

    FL Studio supports USB controllers so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

  6. TheMovieEditor:

    This thing is $50!! right now. awesome.

  7. TheMovieEditor:

    get a better computer or a audio interface!

  8. officialLEXION:

    probably, in fact im sure yes

  9. BomberChoi:

    i get fuckin delay when i play this shit!!! fuckin useless!!

  10. Anton Helgi:

    I’m using this keyboard in ableton

  11. Valentino Peppelman:

    where can you buy the Ipad plug in?


    yep, where do you live?
    try finding a place called chick music.

  13. JustThaTruth:

    Is it only midi? I need one the same size / quality / price, but can work alone.

  14. TheGodmonster1988:



    got mine for $74.99

  16. Patrick Mann:

    Excellent review. Vary helpful as I’m soon to get an iPad.

  17. luke cameron:

    Do you know for definite if this would work with iPhone 5 using camera connection kit? As i know there are other midi keyboards on the market like the iRig keys that do support the iPhone, and i know the camera connection kit isn’t meant to be used with iPhone but this is used on the iRig keys works without extra power.

    However i haven’t found any information on the internt where someone has actually tested the mini 32 with an iPhone. & i dont want to buy this to find out if it won’t. Thanks

  18. metalheadneji:

    Awesome review man.