Link to view the iPad Mini:

[youtube UR6vyGqPGDg]

ipad mini

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  1. the9Ds:

    you are the best. I didn’t know that was the most expensive ipad mini.

  2. saiflike6:

    nice video dude it was super fantastic dude you are the best

  3. galaxycodplayer:

    wow. That is a lot of freakin money! Damn man :O 😛

  4. saif liker:

    nice video dude im waiting for more dude it’s too cool


    hey im loving this ipad man,its great. i want one for sure

  6. Phillip Keighley:

    I love how the money is going to fund someone through college — but that is still one expensive iPad!!

  7. saifliker05:

    nice i love this a lot make more video a lot of video

  8. LondonPhotoLion:

    I’m really impressed with your video. Well done to you. I look forward to watching the other videos on your channel at a later date.

  9. Lebron James:

    woah so expensive though… i might buy it ahha 😉

  10. brandon jones:

    nice video and cool information thats expensive! keep the videos coming

  11. saifliker5:

    nice i love this video thank you for sharing this with us


    it is very expensive man damn. but cool video dude…

  13. AnimationsPolska:

    It can be nice think. I waiting for more. I waiting for more.

  14. saifliker4:

    So cool video it makes me happy to see Something Like that

  15. Liam Woodhead:

    hey cool ipad mate,would mind one of them,thanks for the share

  16. HacksSteamGame:

    nice ipad. you break your wallet for this one :)) presentation looks good;)