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  1. XxFarrell:

    how do you restore to a previous firmware without itunes, please help

  2. Mustafa abokor:

    does this cost money or free

  3. Mustafa abokor:

    what do you mean ??

  4. Diamondorm:

    y cant my iphone 4s be indenfied???????????? it said the ipsw doesnt support the version of this redsnow….what do i do? plz tell me

  5. kenyub13:

    My classmates have been so busy because it’s the end of the semester so lots of exams, they haven’t upgraded yet. #10,000

  6. Dara LeangSor:

    What my device jailbreaked? Can I still upgrade?

  7. Mark Boranskiy:

    Please give $ 1 I am a beggar man from Ukraine, I cannot afford even iPod shuffle
    My purse for WebMoney
    Please people=(

  8. uploadified:

    Guys, you need to enable the mode that allows you to view file extensions from the Windows control panel, then change the zip file from .zip to .ipsw The ipsw file is not found in the zip, it IS the zip! 🙂 Hope this helps!

  9. jae shin:

    Don’t get this wait untill September 18th

  10. Javier Perez:

    lmao the song at the end !!!!! >.< xD

  11. carloslopez5858:

    This didn’t work it reset my iPod touch

  12. LittleBill1999:

    Dont do it its getting hacke keep ios 5 and wait till 6.1 like so people can see


    hey buddy. great vid…. having a bit of a problem, downloaded the 5.1.1 for the new ipad and in the zip file I cannot find any file that resembles anything like the ispw ..only other types of file….am I not doing it right? what am I missing? thanks

  14. fredeedy lot:

    Apple Ios 6.0 Newest Jailbreak With Cydia
    Watch this Vid watch?v=-ooejxkXt8U

  15. CydiaMasterShifu:

    i click on the ios6 download link and it sayz
    » iOS 6 Beta 3 Is Out!!
    Register Your UDID — To Update To iOS 6 Beta 3!!
    As of right now we will no longer be putting up downloads on iMZDL.com for Apple Betas.
    We are working on a way to continue to offer the downloads on our website.»

  16. john vasquez:

    Does It restore??