How To Free Up Space on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad — iCleaner 5.1.1

Free Up Extra Room on Your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad using iCleaner for 5.1.1. Anywhere from Megabytes to Gigabytes. Works on iPhone 4S, 4, 3Gs, 3G, iPod Tou…

[youtube ep1VlanBpxs]

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комментариев 13

  1. The B-BOY:

    does it?

  2. milleniumforce946:

    will doing these delete texts and call history

  3. DeLosAngeles32111:

    I keep on using up all my gbs! with wifi installed will it save me more gbs?

  4. Saqib Mir:

    Does it remove game saves??????

  5. Saqib Mir:

    This guy is the best!!!!

  6. Brandon J Fredson:

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  7. Jose Mejia:

    Do u have to reboot you device

  8. XSceneXMexX:

    I love you so much (no homo) because this freed up 2.3 gigs <3 UNF Subscribed!

  9. Wendy Upchurch:

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  10. k3man365:

    is it compatible with iOS 6 now?

  11. sagar subedi:

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  12. Fhenry:

    nice. freed about 2+ gig.

  13. AOSSkaters:

    PLEASE READ. I Have an ipod touch i put music on it that i can’t take off because i can’t put it back on. (some of the Music is password protected and it isn’t mine. and can’t get password) The ipod is very slow because i jailbroke it before then restored it but put the same backup back on. i used i cleaner and it works a bit better but i need a solution to fix what i did back then WITHOUT restoring. would ifile work?