Itunes Tutorial: How To Sync Songs To Your iPhone or iPod

In this video tutorial I show you how to sync songs to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from iTunes. If this video helped you go ahead and LIKE it! If you have any…

[youtube kmlWD8ccGrM]

ipod 5

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комментариев 20

  1. Roy Dones:

    Hey when I plug in my iPod it doesent say I have it connected ? Please help

  2. Hannah Murphy:

    Does it really Work !! ?? 🙂

  3. Hannah Murphy:

    Its not letting me sync it what do i do ??

  4. Mark Barry:

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  5. Thebestsoniclover:

    He has the same phone case as me ^-^

  6. David Williams:

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  7. William Robb:

    Excellent this video was great and was of great assistance to me!

  8. terri searcy:

    wheres settings?

  9. terri searcy:

    ikr! that’s what it did to mine!

  10. terri searcy:

    it wont let me put my music on my phone theres not green plus sign

  11. Claudia Edwards:

    ive got the same problem how do you do manual sync?

  12. MrGrizzly091:

    you love to emphasize your words man hah but nice video helped me out

  13. sam curtis:

    good quality video

  14. Aditya Jain:

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  15. Marcy Elder:

    It doesn’t have the bar on the left side on my iTunes… What do I do?

  16. xXcontrolurworldxX:

    Thank you so much!

  17. kalina41:

    ahhhh I am so dumb, I can’t even get to first base, i.e., I plugged everything in but the DEVICES column doesn’t appear and I can’t go any further:(:( where is it????

  18. tierneytran61:

    it acctuly works

  19. tierneytran61:

    then u havent pluged it in properly then

  20. Yash Muni:

    I wanna learn how to Transfer or Sync Videos & Movies from Compter to Itunes 11/Ipod/Iphone.
    Itunes 11 Tutorial — Learn how to sync videos and Movies to your iOS device.
    Please the upload the above mentioned video & help me……
    Thank you!