How to Create Your Own Ringtone on an iPhone

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[youtube PsIE8UjInaA]

iphone 6

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комментариев 17

  1. Rulez Adam:

    it still works thanks

  2. Raymund Anaban:


  3. SgtSulliivan:

    iTunes Y U no have ringtones any more ;_;

  4. zelgie sebnia:

    Dr Drum
    Listen and try it!this is really good!»…You can buy it here

  5. Theepicguy613:

    Do you know what your OWN ringtone mean

  6. brownwhite1:

    «America, Fuck Yeah»

  7. TheeDookie:

    you made sure its less than 30 seconds?

  8. MissNanaKaren:

    Mine says it is too long.. I wont work, what should I do?

  9. MissNanaKaren:

    There is no ringtones folder, when I downloaded it? What do i do? 🙂 

  10. jeslytan:

    itunes now no more ringtones .. ?

  11. asa gabagashka:

    Why does iPhone have to be so painfully long and difficult to do something so simple for such an advance piece of technology?? Jheeeez

  12. 1moooster:

    Why does Apple take a simple 30 second process & turn it into something needlessly complex?

  13. ToshikiProductions:

    2:23 it says «America, Fuck Yeah» lol

  14. bookercreator:

    Going to use the freaks and geeks end credits theme.

  15. Icarus975:

    can this work on phone 5?

  16. Chrystal Robinson:

    FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOWED THE STEPS BUT IT ISN’T SHOWING UP: I followed every step correctly but it did not show up in ringtones. I dont know if its because this is for an older itunes and I’m fully updated, either way what worked for me is downloading IFUNBOX (A file manager for your phone) and simply putting the m4r file in the folder ringtones. Now I have it on my iphone 5. 🙂

  17. abhay somani: