Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for iPad 3 (3rd Gen) Unboxing & Overview

PRICING & AVAILABILITY Versavu Keyboard Case — http://amzn.to/JSV6KN This is an unboxing and overview of the Targus Versavu Keyboard case for the new iPad 3 …

[youtube _OFrZ9yHNYs]

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  1. ELiTEceeper123:

    im typing this with the keyboard on it i bought one best case ever well worth the money 🙂

  2. sambiman:

    1 is that awesome pen free with it 2.does it come with æøå

  3. ChallengeTimeChannel:

    Did the stylus, cum with it.

  4. ChallengeTimeChannel:

    I’ve got that

  5. Yash Lillaney:

    I have the white one

  6. harshjoker781:

    Awesome vid as always man. I bought a lot of products with confidence because of your videos

  7. miroslaw zyla:

    I like you review thanks 

  8. ShopWiiBee:

    It’s crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn’t come with a manual.
    Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.

  9. Mike duce:

    Hey, have you heard about geting a FREE Apple iPad3?
    Google ( Monster Snag ) to see what I mean Its under [freebies]. only reason I am posting this is because, I really got a iPad! now spreading the KARMA…. enjoy

  10. Nachiket Garland:

    @gueo224s No joke, I know you don’t believe but that guide is the real thing! You can see the link on my profile, I’m doing amazing tricks with my ipad 😛

  11. penelope205:

    Two questions:
    — Will this work for the iPad with retina?
    — Can the case be bent so that it’s just one piece but the iPad is on the outside?
    (Does that make sense?)

  12. Ivan Velasquez:

    Where did you get it?

  13. TvojaMAMA77:

    Wow, this is a really awesome case ;)

  14. Peter Manu:

    I love that case.getting it for my ipad 2