iPod Touch 2nd & 3rd Gen Screen Replacement (Digitizer and LCD) A1288 Repair HD

2ND GEN REPAIR—http://www.irepairfast.com/ipod-touch-repair-ipod-touch-2supndsup-ipod-touch-generation-glass-replacement-p-51.html 3RD GEN REPAIR— http://w…

[youtube EnulpMV9n74]

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комментариев 25

  1. valveman12:

    Gr8 vid thank you. Did you forgot to fold the copper tape back over the screen?

  2. Joshua Claffey:

    his ipod is probably jailbroken

  3. Joshua Claffey:

    ebay is the best place to buy it 🙂

  4. peter wade sr:

    can any one tell me why the apple turns to a skull

  5. lika khomeriki:

    Where to buy iPod touch A1288 new screen?

  6. Raashidflex:

    awesome pathaii naa rolaayyy

  7. sohail hussain:

    woo hooo ipod is officialy fixed

  8. sohail hussain:

    check my channel peeeps

  9. sohail hussain:

    garage band

  10. sohail hussain:

    its easy as pie

  11. sohail hussain:

    tv1canada get a life u loser worry about ur soon not the f****n ipod b***h

  12. sohail hussain:

    love the vid suscribed to ya

  13. sohail hussain:

    the song was alright

  14. sohail hussain:

    thats eazy thanx mate

  15. sohail hussain:

    new screen

  16. sohail hussain:

    how did u do that thing when u turned it on the apple turned round nd turned into the skull

  17. sohail hussain:

    thankx a ton mate u deserve a gold medal it worked

  18. elia Manioudaki:

    it seems to me difficult.. i wont risk it!

  19. iRepairFast:

    This particular Tech has gross hands..And in all actuality, It keeps everything so fresh and so clean clean. 

  20. iRepairFast:

    You are welcome!

  21. Ray777H:

    Thank you for this! Most videos don’t show the reinstall, and I kept tearing the digi cable.

  22. Brad S:

    Latex condoms

  23. Brad S:

    Why are u wearing gloves

  24. Ryland Rebels:

    Does it help to heat up the area around the glass and metal spot on the iPod before prying it apart?

  25. nushdoker:

    my ipod touch 3rd generation 32 g has the digitizer attached to the screen. i bought a digitizer and realized this when i was going to replace it. can i just replace the digitizer or should i get a new screen as well? if so, can i use them as separate units and install them both, or do they have to be together? thanks