How to Mirror the iPhone 4s on Apple TV

You must have an iphone 4S or an iPad 2 to do this. Also apple TV must be second generation.

[youtube _1zX-D5VN8o]

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  1. Joseph Caraballo:

    Does that work on iPod Touch 5 generation??

  2. Anissa Cervantez:

    Will it work on iPhone 5 too? I’m getting the iPhone 5 soon

  3. Mohsin Habib:

    Thanks for the beautiful video…
    Can you tell me about Skype response via iPhone4S…

  4. kwame76:

    You can use it in limited capacity with an iPhone 4 like youtube app music app and video app but you can’t mirror your iPhone 4 homescreen displays better then nothing though right 

  5. Tom Marvey:

    I have an iPhone 4… -__-

  6. Dhara Patel:


  7. Dhara Patel:

    can u dootmwith any tv?

  8. 22Chilita:

    Thank uuu so much !!!

  9. Alberto Partida:

    will it work ona 5

  10. Tom de Vries:

    I wish the keyboard would not show up on the tv. And I guess if you start a movie and lock your 4S the screen on the tv turns black?

  11. doverimpulse:

    does it work with siri

  12. k Meredith:

    Can you do this without any wifi connection and with out internet service(i.e. only the data service on the iPhone 4S) Hypothetical situation….you go camping(r.v.) you have a tv with hdmi input and you want to use it…would it still work? Thanks

  13. ishelbourne1:

    Thank you! Works great!

  14. Nika Popiashvili:

    Why I can’t see that small button I am on the same wi-fi the screen is on and apple tv is on what is the problem??