How to make a portable usb charger using a 9 volt battery

this runs off of a 9 volt battery then gets converted into 5 volts it charges every thing Ive tried on except a iPod touch you can make it work on a iPod tou…

[youtube p4Ivfq932xU]

ipod 5

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  1. 怎么 办呢:

    This one is much easier

  2. Bethany Goins:

    Can u send me the diagram its hard to see

  3. FoggedTears:

    Try Radio Shack

  4. Joseph Bruesch:

    Hay, just a suggestion to get you more views, try to sound more upbeat and confident.

  5. MrSomebuddy99:

    electronic store

  6. Jeffrey D:

    where can you get a regulator and a switch?

  7. Raul Romo:

    cool vid, out of focus, but good idea

  8. TheDutchHD:


  9. Gursehaj Singh:

    and how much current is produced ?

  10. Gursehaj Singh:

    what should be the range of power source

    for example 6 — 10 Volts or what?

  11. Deena Lucas:

    Where do u get the voltage regulator

  12. galaxymode:

    9v battery, 9 v battery holder, solder iron, 7805 voltage regulator.

  13. Muhd Khairul Ikhwan:

    can u give the list of materials 4 me…

  14. Wessel Snaak:

    Can I replease the 9V battery for a Dynamo (for the bike)?

  15. Daniel Chesar:

    how long it would be stand for?

  16. HC1081289:

    make it your mobile full ???

  17. obwonkonobe:

    I recomend getting 6 aa batteries in series to charg that because then it will give the amprige needed to charge big things. Like a raspberry pi. Wich is wat I use this for. Vote up please so that others. Can see this!

  18. Vikram Venkatesh:

    dude i said «zener» diode+ i tried it and it worked….after some research i also came to know that a voltage regulator is made of zener diodes

  19. aadz93:

    no the voltage regulator takes that 9 volt battery and converts around 4 volts of electricity into heat there leaving 5 volts where a diode is quite different

  20. mygamesandapps:


  21. Vikram Venkatesh:

    can i use a 5.7v zener diode instead of voltage regulator?