iPod Touch Gen 3 LCD Repair Directions by DirectFix.com

http://www.directfix.com/product/IP-2380.html presents the iPod Touch (iTouch) 3rd Generation LCD screen replacement and repair directions. This will give yo…

[youtube HEXY59fwXwE]

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комментариев 13

  1. pdaparts:

    Yes you are correct.

  2. pdaparts:

    All prices and parts are listed on our webpage at DirectFix com.

  3. pandamonster100:

    How much is an LCD screen and the glass plz help!!!

  4. mshermel:

    does the ipod touch 3g 8g use the same glass digitizer as the ipod touch 2g’s

  5. pdaparts:

    Yes, replacing the LCD will fix the backlight issue.

  6. alex Bliesener:

    if the backlight is broken will this fix it

  7. pdaparts:

    If it is frozen you have other issues maybe software related?

  8. danielsuperchef:

    if my screen freezes, is it the lcd to replace or outside screen cover?

  9. pdaparts:

    No they are different.

  10. Jake Lore:

    does the ipod touch 3g 8g use the same lcd as the ipod touch 2g’s?

  11. pdaparts:

    No they will not.

  12. scottsongs1:

    Will the 2nd generation parts fit the 3rd generation ipod touch?

  13. Thad Stitt:

    What would I do without you guys?!