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Learn to write an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app!

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  1. SuperDreamstation

    Oh man. You sound exactly like me in my videos. Kind of scary.

  2. subhani rafi

    ru a girl? if u? u have sweet voice…

  3. Mark Willow

    where i can get that apps developed software ?

  4. TheTslat

    So to submit an app (even if it’s free) I have to pay $99 each year?

    Do you have to keep paying the $99 to keep your app on the store?

  5. thruman angelyna

    Check out live documented proof video where I made $ 63,896.21 USD last month Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills IPHONEENDIPADDEVELOPERS.WEB44.NET iPhone or iPad

  6. Rasta Fow

    why so much girls work with c++ ?

  7. zoeavo

    Sweet voice!

  8. qsic

    Hersh, i am trying to build an application that loads an ftp structure into a table view. Is this possible?

  9. stangdjc69

    Over a year old and still holds its value, good job dude. Your tutorials are straight forward and useful, thanks.

  10. cpcrasher

    Thanks man. Great tutorial!

  11. vipshaweb

    Great video. I completely agree. Some people are just too arrogant to be open to learning something new. It’s incredible how ideas can spring up just from one word and sentence.

  12. JWayize

    If you can’t see the «objects» in the drop down, click «View->Utilities->Show Object Library»

  13. JWayize

    Nicely done, easy to understand and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to going through all of your tutorials. Thanks 🙂

  14. Hersh Bhargava

    Link them to the .h file, not the .m file.

  15. vzimartinii

    Hello I have been dealing with the following problem no matter what tutorial I follow similar to this one.When I am working with xcode in the .xib file.I add the buttons,text labels etc.I properly link them to the .m file using the control+drag feature. However this is my problem,When I look at the .h file, nothing has been added with the @synthesize & dont have all that code that is already there for you and many of the other developers in their tutorials,is there a setting that I should check?

  16. Mike Chu

    Thank you!

  17. Hersh Bhargava

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will also set XCode to presentation mode to increase the text size. Also, for now, if you are having trouble, watch it in HD and fullscreen 🙂

  18. aaron fong

    ok, just a suggestion,

    when you do these tutorials, get a screen recorder that allows you to zoom in to the area near the mouse. this will make readability much better

    other than that, excellent tutorial

  19. aaron fong

    great tutorial, despite the fact that the person teaching me is probably about 5 years younger than me and 10000x more knowledgeable…..

  20. Brian Driesenga

    Nice Job! Very well explained and a great way to get going on objective C and iOS development. I am looking forward to finding more of your tutorials.

  21. Duncan Wilkie

    For an if statement you can just use ‘if(isMorning)’ for a true check or ‘if(!isMorning)’ for a false check.

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