[Very] Extended HelloWorld- iOS 5 App Development Tutorial 01

Learn to write an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app!

[youtube UN4_5jm9lf0]

ipad 5

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комментарий 21

  1. SuperDreamstation:

    Oh man. You sound exactly like me in my videos. Kind of scary.

  2. subhani rafi:

    ru a girl? if u? u have sweet voice…

  3. Mark Willow:

    where i can get that apps developed software ?

  4. TheTslat:

    So to submit an app (even if it’s free) I have to pay $99 each year?

    Do you have to keep paying the $99 to keep your app on the store?

  5. thruman angelyna:

    Check out live documented proof video where I made $ 63,896.21 USD last month Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills IPHONEENDIPADDEVELOPERS.WEB44.NET iPhone or iPad

  6. Rasta Fow:

    why so much girls work with c++ ?

  7. zoeavo:

    Sweet voice!

  8. qsic:

    Hersh, i am trying to build an application that loads an ftp structure into a table view. Is this possible?

  9. stangdjc69:

    Over a year old and still holds its value, good job dude. Your tutorials are straight forward and useful, thanks.

  10. cpcrasher:

    Thanks man. Great tutorial!

  11. vipshaweb:

    Great video. I completely agree. Some people are just too arrogant to be open to learning something new. It’s incredible how ideas can spring up just from one word and sentence.

  12. JWayize:

    If you can’t see the «objects» in the drop down, click «View->Utilities->Show Object Library»

  13. JWayize:

    Nicely done, easy to understand and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to going through all of your tutorials. Thanks 🙂

  14. Hersh Bhargava:

    Link them to the .h file, not the .m file.

  15. vzimartinii:

    Hello I have been dealing with the following problem no matter what tutorial I follow similar to this one.When I am working with xcode in the .xib file.I add the buttons,text labels etc.I properly link them to the .m file using the control+drag feature. However this is my problem,When I look at the .h file, nothing has been added with the @synthesize & dont have all that code that is already there for you and many of the other developers in their tutorials,is there a setting that I should check?

  16. Mike Chu:

    Thank you!

  17. Hersh Bhargava:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will also set XCode to presentation mode to increase the text size. Also, for now, if you are having trouble, watch it in HD and fullscreen 🙂

  18. aaron fong:

    ok, just a suggestion,

    when you do these tutorials, get a screen recorder that allows you to zoom in to the area near the mouse. this will make readability much better

    other than that, excellent tutorial

  19. aaron fong:

    great tutorial, despite the fact that the person teaching me is probably about 5 years younger than me and 10000x more knowledgeable…..

  20. Brian Driesenga:

    Nice Job! Very well explained and a great way to get going on objective C and iOS development. I am looking forward to finding more of your tutorials.

  21. Duncan Wilkie:

    For an if statement you can just use ‘if(isMorning)’ for a true check or ‘if(!isMorning)’ for a false check.