David Lynch on iPhone

David Lynch talks about watching film on a cell phone. Clip from special edition of Inland Empire, with music and graphics by the super awesome xmas.

[youtube wKiIroiCvZ0]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mavuriku:


  2. iTubeYourDadsMinge:

    Your comment is… fucking hilarious.

    ‘David Lynch living in the past’.

    Lynch is one of the most revolutionary and influential artists in cinema history and a lot of that is because he pioneered and envisioned things way before anybody else did.

    You have got a lot of growing up (and learning) to do when it comes to cinema, Sir.

  3. MrBP92:


  4. tapiocayeah:

    why would you want your phone to get bigger…

  5. Doca:

    What kind of cunt watches watches a whole film on a shitty phone anyway? Never heard of anyone actually doing that.

  6. DarkTheSupreme:

    Hipster as fuck

  7. George Ricardo:

    Sorry, but 8 inches screens are a punch in the face of common sense.

  8. raidwipe:

    Downvotes everywhere

  9. Matthew Schindler:

    i can’t stop laughing

  10. wrexshunt:

    Ha ha 😉 he’s mad

  11. Alex Frania:

    Wow, never heard Lych swear before. This topic must get him really heated.

  12. hashanthiofficial:

    Love you Cal <3

  13. HelterMcSkelter:

    Trend spotting in technology?

    Phones are the sizes they are so that they can fit in people’s pockets, hands, and purses. In a sense, the whole point of a smartphone is its compact size. If I want to use something bigger, I use a tablet or a laptop.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there will never be something marketed primarily as a phone that is 8 inches or larger. At that point, it will just be sold (and designed) as a tablet that happens to have call capability.

  14. ReturnOfLulz:

    Didn’t know anyone did this, but I agree. Sounds like a pretty stupid way to watch a film.

  15. c0ldfusi0n:

    Now imagine it said Samsung instead of iPhone at the end.

  16. SuperSm1th:

    I prefer all my movies to be reenacted through stage plays.

  17. Mumblix Grumph:

    A movie is supposed to an immersive experience. Watching it on a device smaller than a postcard ain’t getting it done.

    I will only watch movies on a handheld device that I’ve already seen on a big screen.

  18. Cal Chuchesta:

    David Lynch reminds me of grandfather so much. I love them both.

  19. SomethingLikeAPhenomenon:

    hes right i thought it doesnt make no difference but i recently got a 24 inch computer screen and when i watch movies on it its so much better. i think it has to do with feeling more involved in the «movieworld» with a large screen, its detailed, but with a small screen you see it but you dont really register it. its like oh cool but when its large its like awesome