How To Create Folders For iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch

Full video tutorial on how to create folders for the iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch. Keeps your iPhone looking clean and organized. Full iPhone Video Course -…

[youtube nXZDNTVbnxU]

ipad 5

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

    it’s a name

  2. DansHowToVideos:

    no problem

  3. DansHowToVideos:

    Thanks! I have a full series on the iPhone on my channel.

  4. Jessy Nyiri:

    Most helpful video on this topic on youtube right now!

  5. Arencejung:

    thanks! :)

  6. Enigmaprince:

    good video but is it just me who feels this is not actually creating folders?
    You are just dragging one to another :S I want to know how to make NEW folders if thats possible

  7. chandra dasa: