How To Boost AT&T 4G LTE Speeds On iPhone 5 & iPad 4/3/Mini Hack- NO Jailbreak Required!

Easy Way How To Increase AT&T 4G LTE Speeds On iPhone 5, iPad 4, 3 & Mini With This Hack. No Jailbreak is Required! Works on 6.1.4, 6.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1 & Below…

[youtube 2zX2YAXmI-E]

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  1. cliff885:

    Any updates on this to work on iPhone 4? This is a *necessity* for me right now, and it would be so cool if I can lift the restriction and make my iPhone 4 connect to the fastest 3G tower. Please let me know what you think? I am scavenging for towers in a very rural area. ps: this is outside of US btw.
    pps: your videos help 1000s of people ! Thank you !


    Will this work for sprint

  3. Sunny Patel:

    Is this legal?

  4. Sunny Patel:

    T Treads

  5. Sunny Patel:


  6. T Treads:

    To reverse it on a mac just type: defaults write carrier-testing -bool false and its fixed it for me 😀

  7. KaymaniBRUH:

    stop being a dick ungrateful MF !

  8. Kestrin Isufi:

    Will this work on straighttalk?

  9. RedPaintedTable:

    will this this wokr on ios7?

  10. Kian G:

    how do you go back if you dont want the carrier update?

  11. chris taylor:

    Did not make my iPhone LTE faster here in Denver it’s the same or even slower…

  12. ballyoulsterboy:

    I had a dream that I was in Boston and I had 5G but I didn’t want to use roaming much. Wifi speeds were about 100mbs too

  13. Jessi Jacquet:

    *ios 6 and up

  14. Jessi Jacquet:

    Learn to read the description people.

    This trick works with iOS and up.

  15. RedPaintedTable:

    Can you use this on ios7?

  16. mm1897:

    Will this work on 6.1.4?

  17. James McDonald:

    i’m giving it a thumbs down because theirs no other stupid way to revert back the carrier update sucks

  18. minecraftcharly:

    speack spanish no english

  19. adob0streak:


  20. James McDonald:

    i wouldn’t recomend using it, it fucks up your bars on your iPhone

  21. mikepl82:

    Get to the fucking point, my god!

  22. Angel Vivaldi:

    I second that…

  23. John Malley:

    this guy would be great if you need any professional filibustering. I’d say it really doesn’t start till around 2:55.

  24. DnGDayZ:

    just a heads up. tested b4 installin an was getting 4mbs down, 1mb up. After install .30mb down, .01mb up. Wouldn’t recommend installing it