Apple iPad Mini Unboxing and Quick Review

Today I unbox and look at Apple’s latest tablet the iPad Mini. The iPad mini features a smaller more compact 7.9 inch display packed with a thin, sleek metal…

[youtube JhuQz0SBYDE]

ipad 7

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  1. MacroStuff:


  2. Arsh Sran:

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  3. Gummybear Spence:


  4. TartanSeven:


  5. Miggles Martinez:

    Nothing special to see there.

  6. 1stevenstevboy:

    Can i get sponsored i love making uboxing video

  7. kyle karydis:

    Are you outside? Do you do all of your videos there?

  8. MrJxan365:

    ok thx..i want to see the video and picture difference because ima buy one next month.

  9. blackopskiller221:

    I like your unboxings

  10. Danny Winget:

    Yeah that would be a understandable choice

  11. Danny Winget:

    Depends what you want. I will do a comparison video as well of these two

  12. Danny Winget:

    I will do that comparison for you! Should be up by next week

  13. MrJxan365:

    When you gonna do a video/camera comparison with the mini and itouch 5

  14. TartanSeven:

    i don’t know if i should get the ipod or ipad mini

  15. polash ahmed:

    Will wait for the iPad mini retina version nx year

  16. Sandy Waters: