iPhone 5 Screen Repair / Replacement — Digitizer & LCD — Plastic Frame Holder Exchange Guide

Try to use a flexible adhesive like ‘Evo-Stick Serious Glue’ if you need to use the original plastic frame. Its much easier to clean off any excess and won’t…

[youtube fe2m-niGX-U]

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  1. William Meade:

    thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it! You made my life really easy

  2. jacobtc:

    I will report back when I get my replacement camera and sensor flex cable, I ripped it, when removing it from the old damaged screen. It would be a hassle to buy a broken screen for only that little plastic thing 🙁

  3. LE55ONS:

    Give it a try without and see if it works ok, if not you’ll need to buy a broken screen from eBay and take the part from that

  4. jacobtc:

    Thanks, I’m worried that it will tumble around in there, because nothing is keeping it in place, however I haven’t been able to find any replacement for that item 🙁

  5. LE55ONS:

    It might be ok, if the screen goes blank during voice calls you’ll know what the problem is

  6. jacobtc:

    Is the proximity sensor guide necessary? Mine got broken, when I tried removing it…

  7. LE55ONS:

    I would do, but don’t have the time. If I’m not working on the road I’m making these videos. Ask around for a good repair shop. I know lots of them use these videos

  8. Destiney Lauren:

    Do you do iphone repairs because I’m way to scarred to do it myself

  9. LE55ONS:

    a new screen will bring it back to life..

  10. sasuke2492:

    i dropped my iphone, it looks fine on the outside but it shows no picture

  11. LE55ONS:

    has it been dropped?

  12. jjkirnag:

    My screen lights up but no picture

  13. jjkirnag:

    My screen lights up nothing else

  14. jjkirnag:

    thank you so much

  15. Matt Francis:

    Hi, my iphone 5 screen is unresponsive when i touch it, is this down to the screen? or the sensor?
    Thank you

  16. LE55ONS:

    It should be ok, just don’t do the screw up very tight

  17. Dillon Rosenkranz:

    ive lost the little plastic spacer , is it important ? and i cant find one on the internet 😛

  18. LE55ONS:

    Glad it worked ok

  19. LE55ONS:

    its a mobile phone screen mount, you could use a satnav one instead

  20. martinnlu:

    Tried soap and water multiple times but the sides of the rubber gasket weren’t getting very sticky. So I licked it. Seems to have worked!

  21. martinnlu:

    Thank you for the excellent video! My new screen is great, but my home button is unusually loose now that I reassembled everything. I washed the rubber part with soap and water once, so that the button stuck to it—should I try to do that again to make the rest of the rubber part sticky?

  22. LE55ONS:

    Thanks, but I live in Kent UK 🙂

  23. LE55ONS:

    try etradesupply,com and use coupon code ETS2 for a small discount. They have the digitizer frame for $5 and a few different colours for the metal case

  24. sjommertbmw:

    Nice video!
    Where can I buy the sucker? For loosing the screen. Thnx