iPhone 4S Complete Disassembly and LCD Screen / Digitizer Replacement Walkthrough Tutorial

List of necessary parts as well as lowest prices: Pentalobe Screwdriver — http://trdd.us/iK Phillips #00 Screwdriver — http://trdd.us/iM Plastic Spudger — ht…

[youtube ZHH-zbNgJx0]

iphone 6

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  1. J Morais:

    Apple puts ‘locks’ on the iPhones so that they can detect if they were opened by a non-authorized store?
    I need my iPhone replaced, but I have sent it to replace it’s screen and to a chemical shower (dunno it that’s the name in English) and they disassembled it completely, and reassembled
    It started working perfectly again, but now it has no brightness, the screen doesn’t light up!
    pls answer quick
    They said they won’t replace it because it’s already been opened
    Can they really detect that?

  2. Deniz ozbal:

    Hard hard

  3. mike paco:

    Ya funny part is you completely ignored your water damaged 30 pin connector, your no pro!!

  4. Philip White:

    I ordered a replacement screen and digitizer from a company online and they sent me only the lcd screen…I’m not iphone expert but the digitizer is supposed to be attached to the lcd screen right?

  5. Chad Schlegel:

    Thank you very much for your very informative video! I replaced my LCD and Digitizer separately using your video, numbered the parts/screws and played it backwards for re-assembly. Flawless!

  6. ThePanamanianMike:

    I’m having the same issue as well with the charger

  7. Hitokiri Battosai:

    i have a question, i dropped my iphone 4s(table height). the first thing happened, the screen goes white(what they called «white screen of death» or whatever it is) and after several reboots, it turns greenish. i dont know how to put it but its «greenish and a little bit yellowish. but everything seems to be working fine, the touchscreen works proximity etc. but i saw other vids the same happen to me. the greenish screen but after they restore it or reset it, the screen backs to normal.

  8. Hussein Al-Ahmed:

    Are the «digitizer» and «LCD Screen» the same thing? The same part? Because I changed the Display and the touch screen still malfunctions.

  9. OffshorexD:

    My iPhone dosent have a SIM card tray

  10. SunnyOutDoorFilms:

    Usually that’s a dead pixel in the screen. You are kind of out of luck and will have tot buy another more high quality screen next time.

  11. Phil Khederlian:

    so everythings working except this black smudge on the right corner, could the LCD be cracked? or dodgy screen?

  12. aveeYeah:

    you think you’re so cool with your paper clip

  13. Steve Kochmaruk:

    Up at the camera a small 3mm by 10 mm PC of soft rubber was laying. Where does it go back? Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Email me at kochmaruksteve@yahoo.com or txt at 8436854772

  14. TRWCopblocker:

    I need to find a «little black metal piece»  Where can I get one?

  15. Robert Porpaczy:

    INCOMPLETE disassambly had to be the name:
    Loudspeker, Volume, Headjack…

  16. AKxx313xxAK:

    ^^ ok… or you can BUY & SELL your iphones locally at iswapple.. and they even let you Factory UNLOCKKK your iphone PERMANENTLY if its an AT&T iphone….. soo ya mines better

  17. EpicnoobKings:

    How do you keep track of every thing in their

  18. Papa Wheelie:


  19. Mohammed Salih:

    Thank you so much for sharing the secret of opening the 4s apart keep providing us with your valuable tutorials God bless you and thank you once more.

  20. brettwatty101:

    Legend thanks great tutorial.

  21. Diwas Karki:

    i bought a really banged up phone which is supposed to be a 4s. i ordered the parts to disassemble it but couldnt even upon the logic board. are the tools to open up both phones the same?